How do I dress my draperies?

Formal Drapery Styles:
  1. Draw the draperies to the stack-back position.
  2. Stand with the headings at eye level and arrange the pleats. The pleats are arranged forwards and the gaps (the fabric in between the pleats) folded evenly between each pleat.
  3. Take each pleat from the top and smooth it down the drapery as far as you can reach to form a fold. Follow these pleats through to waist height.
  4. Kneel on the floor and follow the folds down to the hem. Finger press them into place.
Informal Drapery Styles:

If you want your new draperies to fall into soft folds, or to look as though they have been there for a long time, try one of the following window dressing ideas. Either pull the curtains back and forth about a hundred times to unstiffen the fabric, or pick them up, pull them towards you and drop them down again , until they have settled in nicely.