SilkSilk is considered one of the finest textiles and is noted for its softness and brilliant sheen. While silk is very fine, it is also admired for its strength, resiliency and the fact that it takes color very well. “Dupioni” refers to a silk that is woven with slight variations in texture. Silk “taffeta” is characterized by a plain weave, and having a fine, smooth, crisp face. Silk taffeta gives the ultimate rustle!
Custom Duet Drapery PanelsCustom Duet Drapery Panels$275.00Davis Black Bean Drapery Panel Davis Black Bean Drapery Panel $250.00DeGala Azurean/Chocolate Drapery Panel DeGala Azurean/Chocolate Drapery Panel $210.00
Durham CinnabarDurham Cinnabar$320.00Durham Creme Fraiche Drapery Panel Durham Creme Fraiche Drapery Panel $320.00Durham LakeDurham Lake$320.00
Easton Lollipop Drapery Panel Easton Lollipop Drapery Panel $275.00Elise Coastal Plain Drapery Panel Elise Coastal Plain Drapery Panel $325.00Elise Lagoon Drapery Panel Elise Lagoon Drapery Panel $325.00
Elise Poinsettia Drapery PanelElise Poinsettia Drapery Panel$325.00Essex CapriEssex Capri$320.00Gabrielle Ceramic Drapery Panel Gabrielle Ceramic Drapery Panel $340.00
Gabrielle Cracked Wheat Drapery Panel Gabrielle Cracked Wheat Drapery Panel $340.00Gabrielle GeraniumGabrielle Geranium$340.00Gabrielle Green Clover Drapery Panel Gabrielle Green Clover Drapery Panel $340.00
Gabrielle Harbor Blue Drapery Panel Gabrielle Harbor Blue Drapery Panel $340.00Gabrielle KiwiGabrielle Kiwi$340.00Gabrielle LavaGabrielle Lava$340.00
Gabrielle Mink Drapery PanelGabrielle Mink Drapery Panel$340.00Guilford Majestic Drapery Panel Guilford Majestic Drapery Panel $320.00Guilford Windmill Drapery PanelGuilford Windmill Drapery Panel$320.00
Hampton Claret/Gold Drapery Panel Hampton Claret/Gold Drapery Panel $250.00Hepburn Bonfire Drapery Panel Hepburn Bonfire Drapery Panel $250.00Hepburn Cherries Jubilee Drapery PanelsHepburn Cherries Jubilee Drapery Panels$250.00
Hepburn Claret/Gold Drapery PanelHepburn Claret/Gold Drapery Panel$250.00Hepburn Ebony/Gold Drapery Panel Hepburn Ebony/Gold Drapery Panel $250.00Hepburn Garden Grove Drapery PanelsHepburn Garden Grove Drapery Panels$250.00
Hepburn Pineapple Drapery PanelHepburn Pineapple Drapery Panel$250.00Hepburn Seafoam Blue/Chocolate Drapery Panel Hepburn Seafoam Blue/Chocolate Drapery Panel $250.00Hepburn Sweet Blue Drapery PanelHepburn Sweet Blue Drapery Panel$250.00
Hepburn Tapestry Drapery Panel Hepburn Tapestry Drapery Panel $250.00Jacqueline Claret/Gold Drapery PanelJacqueline Claret/Gold Drapery Panel$300.00Jardin AegeanJardin Aegean$475.00
Jardin GoldJardin Gold$475.00Jardin Lacquer RedJardin Lacquer Red$475.00Knoxville Iron Gate Drapery PanelKnoxville Iron Gate Drapery Panel$250.00
Lorelei Golden RubyLorelei Golden Ruby$330.00Madeline Autumn Drapery Panel Madeline Autumn Drapery Panel $325.00Madeline Caribbean Coast Drapery PanelMadeline Caribbean Coast Drapery Panel$325.00
Madeline Dark Celery Drapery PanelMadeline Dark Celery Drapery Panel$325.00Madeline Hot Spice Drapery PanelMadeline Hot Spice Drapery Panel$325.00Madeline Peachtree Drapery PanelMadeline Peachtree Drapery Panel$325.00
Madison Flame Drapery Panel Madison Flame Drapery Panel $250.00Madison Pineapple Drapery Panel Madison Pineapple Drapery Panel $250.00Mary Autumn Arrival Drapery Panel Mary Autumn Arrival Drapery Panel $290.00
Norwood Biscay Drapery Panel Norwood Biscay Drapery Panel $275.00Norwood Candy Apple Drapery Panel Norwood Candy Apple Drapery Panel $275.00Palmer Begonia Drapery PanelPalmer Begonia Drapery Panel$260.00
Palmer Celery Drapery Panel Palmer Celery Drapery Panel $260.00Palmer Java Drapery Panel Palmer Java Drapery Panel $260.00Palmetto Latte Drapery Panel Palmetto Latte Drapery Panel $225.00
Palmetto Spa/Taupe Drapery Panel Palmetto Spa/Taupe Drapery Panel $225.00Piazza Merlot Drapery PanelPiazza Merlot Drapery Panel$180.00Polka Pois Claret/Gold Drapery Panel Polka Pois Claret/Gold Drapery Panel $320.00
Polka Pois Ebony/Gold Drapery PanelPolka Pois Ebony/Gold Drapery Panel$320.00Polka Pois Pecan/Mist Drapery PanelPolka Pois Pecan/Mist Drapery Panel$320.00Polka Pois Pistachio/Chocolate Drapery PanelPolka Pois Pistachio/Chocolate Drapery Panel$320.00
Polka Pois Seafoam Blue/Chocolate Drapery Panel Polka Pois Seafoam Blue/Chocolate Drapery Panel $320.00Prescott Cayman Drapery PanelPrescott Cayman Drapery Panel$275.00Prescott Domino Drapery PanelPrescott Domino Drapery Panel$275.00